X-Hose Flexible Hose vs the Pocket Hose from As Seen on TV

Over the past few months and all through this Spring, the infomercial airwaves will be bombarded with an infomercial for a new flexible water hose Р super light-weight, shrinks when there is no water pressure and expands to 25, 50 or 75 feet when you turn the water on (depending on the size you decide to purchase).

Just to make things a little more confusing for shoppers, there actually are three different infomercial companies marketing what seems to be practically identical products.

  • The X-Hose from National Express Products
  • The Flexable Hose from Tristar Products
  • And the Pocket Hose from Telebrands Products

Let’s make somewhat of an effort – based on a decade of experience dealing with all three manufacturers – to help you understand the differences & similarities of all three:

XHose ReviewsFirst, let’s start with the X-Hose – since this is the brand we have decided to carry on our site. This version is manufactured by National Express Products. Over the years, we have been very happy with TV Infomercial Products marketed by National Express. This is just one of those companies that we have a lot of faith in – and this one has been no exception.

To be perfectly honest, I had my doubts about it – many infomercial products in this category that we’ve seen in the past have been great ideas in theory, but came up pretty short on quality. When I took this for a test drive though, I was somewhat surprised from the time I took it out of the package. It felt extremely sturdy for such a light-weight product. And after hooking it up to the faucet, it did a great job of far exceeding my expectations.

I was very impressed with the amount of water pressure it provided, especially considering that the internal diameter is very small in comparison to even the smallest on the market. If you’re looking for something with better than average water pressure, this may be somewhat of a disappointment – but there is more than enough pressure to hit 2nd story windows, wash the cars or do a good job of rinsing the driveway off.

The only place I can tell that they cut a corner with is the plastic faucet connectors – somewhat of a cheaper plastic than I would like to see, but decent enough. Available in either 25-foot, 50-foot or 75-foot versions, starting @ $19.95.

flex-able hose reviewsNext up is the Flex-Able Hose from Tristar Products. Tristar has been the manufacturer of some very reputable As Seen on TV Infomercial products over the years – the Genie Bra, Jack LaLanne Juicer and, more recently, the Aqua Rug. But they’ve also made some very questionable products over the years – anyone remember the Pasta Express? I have not been able to personally test the this one as of yet, but it appears that the only major difference is that it’s green instead of blue and is offered at pretty much the same price.

Finally, the newest player is the Pocket Hose from Telebrands products. Telebrands is pretty much the “king” of the As Seen on TV market. They have had more worthy infomercial hits than I can mention – Ped Egg, Swivel Sweeper, Orgreenic Cookware and Lint Lizard, just to name a few. But with that success, they have also launched numerous products that you can put in the “absolute dud” category – Jupiter Jack and Aluma Wallet immediately come to mind.

I have not personally tried this one either – but I’ve dealt with Telebrands enough to know that their focus many times is to grab another As Seen on TV product, offer a better price (make it cheaper) and blow them out of the water by buying 10-times as many commercials as the other guy. The formula often works – and before you know it, nobody even remembers the name of that other guy.

pocket hose reviewsWith the X-Hose (and probably the Flex-Able ¬†too), you get what feels like a $20-$40 product for a $20-$40 price. The Telebrands version is being offered for $12.95 on TV. Quite honestly, given the track record and a “too-good-to-be-true” price – my gut is telling me that customers will be getting exactly what they pay for here. But yes, I could absolutely be proved wrong.

If you’d like to learn more about the X-Hose Flexible Hose, or any other As Seen on TV products – feel free to visit us at ShopAtAsSeenOnTV.com.