Chord Buddy Review: Teach Yourself to Play Guitar with this Awesome Invention

Recently featured on Shark Tank, this American-made invention had each investor fighting each other for the chance to invest in this ingenious product.

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar? Have you ever thought about getting lessons only to find out that they cost hundreds of dollars? If you answered yes to either of these questions I would like to introduce the Chord Buddy.

The Chord Buddy recently was featured on ABC’s The Shark Tank – and was a huge hit with the entire panel of investors. This is a revolutionary system that uses a buttoned attachment for your guitar, step by step instructions for set up and use, a lessons DVD and songbook to teach you how to play the guitar more quickly and easily than you ever imagined. What more could a music enthusiast want? Well, let’s take a look at what you get with this great music.

The Chord Buddy is a four-color coded attachment that helps you to play the guitar within minutes and helps you to learn how to make the C, D, G, and E minor chords and chord progressions. These chords are the building blocks of modern music and once you have these learned you can play virtually any song. You simply place your fingers on the buttons and strum, and voila you are playing.

One of the best features of the Chord Buddy system is that it uses touch, color, and motor memory to help you to remember where your fingers should go on the strings. This allows you to remember more quickly than traditional methods.

This special system also comes with a song book that is color coded as well to help you learn how to play. There are over 100 songs in this booklet. They range from easy to some that are more advanced in complexity. The genres of songs in this song book also have a wide range of styles from simple classics to more modern fare.

There is also a companion DVD that is included in the Chord Buddy system. This great DVD has a 2 month lesson plan that can have you going from a guitar zero to a guitar-hero in just a few weeks. This recorded lesson plan helps to keep you engaged and motivated to keep learning how to play through inviting and fun lessons.

The Chord Buddy works with Acoustic and Electric guitars, but is not designed to work with left hander guitars, child type or mini guitars or classical guitars but if you are looking for a fast and easy way to learn chords and how to play a acoustic or electric right hander guitar then the Chord Buddy is a perfect match for you.

This system was named 2010’s Best Tools for School, so you know that this is a great system to help almost any age of aspiring guitarist to learn the basics and advance to more complex songs as well. The Chord Buddy System makes a great birthday, graduation or holiday gift.

Go now and take a look today and see how the Chord Buddy can help you or someone you love learn how to play the guitar more quickly and easily than ever before.