Big Boss Grill – Indoor Grilling for Panini, Waffle, Omelet & Donuts

Big Boss Grill

The Big Boss Grill – All in One Indoor Grill for Easy & Fast Healthy Meals!

There are so many gadgets available to help make cooking easier, faster, and more convenient for the modern family. Unfortunately, if you bought all these cooking systems it would take up more storage space than any of us have in our kitchen (or garage and attic). Now, there is a cooking system that makes the issue of money and space a thing of the past, Big Boss Grill.

The Big Boss Grill is an all-in-one waffle maker, omelet maker, Panini maker, grill, griddle, toasted stuffed sandwich maker and even a doughnut maker. This nifty little grill packs a big punch. It has interchangeable cooking plates that are covered with a nonstick surface that makes cooking and cleaning a breeze.

These plates are also dishwasher safe to make them even more convenient for the modern family or even a college student who is limited on space and money but loves to have home cooked meals in their dorm room.

The Big Boss Grill is perfect for anyone who loves to eat regardless of their experience with cooking. This grill comes with a handy “Cooking with the Big Boss” recipe booklet that provides you with great recipes and ideas of how to use everyday ingredients to make awesome creations of your own. So go ahead and experiment and have fun enjoying your creations.

Included with the grill and interchangeable grill surfaces is a storage rack to keep all the grill plates organized and out of the way. This is a great feature for those of us with small kitchens or even kitchenettes in efficiency apartments or R.V.’s.

Each Big Boss Grill comes with:

  • Recipe Guide
  • Sturdy grill base
  • 2 omelet plates
  • 2 grill plates
  • 2 waffle plates
  • 2 doughnut plates
  • 2 griddle plate
  • 2 sandwich plates

This system comes with all you will ever need to make breakfast snacking, lunches and even desserts easier than ever. Perfect for a family or single individual on the go, The Big Boss Grill makes cooking a fun and fast experience that will forever simplify your kitchen and cooking.

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