Stompeez Kids Slippers – As Seen on TV Infomercial

Stompeez Slippers – 8 Super Funky & Super Fun Styles for Kids

8 different Stompeez styles to choose from

The As Seen on TV Infomercial world these days is full of different pillows that turn into stuffed animals and stuffed animals that turn into castles. My kids want them all obviously – but none of them have grabbed their attention like the Stompeez Slippers have.

And I’ve gotta admit that I can’t wait for Santa to drop a few pair down the chimney – these are an absolute trip if you ask me. Every time you “Stomp” on the ground with one of these critters, the slippers transform (or pop) into a different personality. The last thing I need is to have another pair of something to pick up and put up – but as a Dad I just can’t resist these.

The Stompeez Slippers come in 8 different personalities. There’s the One-Eyed Monster, the Growlin’ Dragon, the Be-Pop Bunny, Perky Puppy, Playful Puppy, Peek-a-Boo Kitty, Unusual Unicorn or the Playful Blue Puppy.

Every pair of Stompeez is $19.95 plus S/H – and with each pair that you purchase you’ll get a FREE Duffle Bag (just pay $6.95 extra S/H). And whether you have a cute toddler or a playful teen, there’s a size available for anything in between.

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