Pest Offense Review: Electronic Pest Control Device – Tested & Proven

Pest Offense – Most Trusted & Proven Electronic Pest Control Device on the Market!

Pest Offense - FTC Approved & University-Tested

There is nothing worse than heading into your kitchen at night, flipping on the light and watching your local pest population scatter for cover. Whether your pest issues are with water bugs, cockroaches, silverfish or even four legged furry critters (aka spiders) – there is no reason why you should have to share your home with them, especially when you have kids to worry about keeping healthy.

The problem is that most pest control solutions rely on either harsh chemicals or messy and possibly dangerous traps. Until now, that is. Check out Pest Offense – the most trusted and proven electronic pest control device on the market. Here’s why:

Pest offense is an electronic pest control device designed to treat the problem through the use of ultrahigh electronic frequencies in the wiring of your home that is disorienting to pests and drives them away. It does so by affecting the central nervous system of the pests which causes such discomfort that the pests will leave the area of affect! And it does this without the use of pesticides or insecticides. By traveling through the wiring of your home, one Pest Offense unit is plenty to cover an entire story.

Pest Offense is the only electronic pest control device on the market that was independently-tested by a prestigious university – and one of only a few that is EPA-registered & FCC-compliant. Most importantly, Pest Offense passed rigorous inspection by the FTC and is FTC-approved. Other imitators were not so fortunate. Most importantly, our staff has tested Pest Offense in numerous conditions, and it has not failed us yet.

Over 5 million Pest Offense electronic pest control devices have been sold with a return rate of less than 0.5%. Just about any electronic device typically has a defective rate of approximately 5%.

Just think, The Pest Offense electronic pest control device gives you the power to handle your pest issue without having to resort to exposing your family or yourself to toxic chemicals or dangerous traps! Please keep in mind that Pest Offense may not be right for your family if you own one of the following pets: hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, mink, chinchilla, ferret or any other such pets.

Using Pest Offense is as simple as plugging the device into a standard 110V plugin. Within a couple days you will typically begin to see results. Please note, however, that you may initially see an increase in activity as the pests become disoriented and go into a frenzied state of exodus.

How much easier could it be than that? Now you will be able to tell the bug guy to hit the road with his smelly fumes and messy traps.  And if you do want one on the second floor, the Pest Offence can be used throughout your home without worrying about one unit interfering with another.

If you’re looking for an environmentally safe & effective way to control pests in your home or office – Click Here to Purchase for $19.95 plus S/H or if you’d just  like to learn more.