Forever Lazy Adult Pajamas from As Seen on TV

Forever Lazy – Adult Onesie Pajamas from As Seen on TV

Forever Lazy - Onesies for Adults

Forever Lazy adult pajamas are the ultimate in keeping warm and snug during cold weather – like having your own pair of adult onesie pajamas. These pajamas are not just fun but great to keep you cozy. And who doesn’t want something that feels cuddly? They cover your body in one piece except for the feet and hands leaving you free to move around.

With three color choices in your Forever Lazy adult pajamas you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you. Choose from simple On the Job Gray, Workday Blues, or Hanky Pinky Fuchsia for your new pajamas. This is a great gift for anyone that is always complaining about being cold. These pajamas were made for comfort and fun.

The As Seen on TV Forever Lazy adult pajamas are made of 100% ant-pill polar fleece. There are no worries about washing them time and again with the polar fleece because they will look great and keep their shape. How many times have you gotten something that one washing and then it looks terrible?

The Forever Lazy adult pajamas cover you from top to bottom leaving your hands and feet free to move about as you need. These come with slippers to keep your feet warm and toasty. And don’t forget the great hoodie if you want to keep your head warm too.

These pajamas are easy to put on and get off when you need to using zippers. And there’s no need to worry about totally undressing when you have to go to the bathroom with these. There is a zippered back flap that can be undone to allow you to get the job done. The front zips down to below the buttocks giving you the freedom that you need.

The Forever Lazy adult pajamas come at a great price ($29.95). But you not only get one pair; you’ll also get a second pair FREE – all for one great price including the slippers.  Keep one for yourself and give the second one as a gift. No more worrying about keeping yourself covered even on the back like some of the covers are. These pajamas are where it is at – so get yours and have fun.

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