Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer Review: Get Your Deep Fry On for the Holidays!

Who Doesn’t Love Standing Over the Deep Fryer in the Cold Wind or Snow –  Waiting & Waiting for that Holiday Turkey? Not Me. How About You?

Turkey. Chicken Wings. Flounder. Woo-Doggy!

Fried Flounder. Chicken Wings. Fried Turkey. Fried Whole Chicken. The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer has got me salivating over the dishes I can’t wait to get cookin’.

I just had my first turn at this new As Seen on TV Infomercial masterpiece made by MasterBuilt – and wow that was easy. The best Fried Flounder I’ve ever had at home. Best part was that I cooked it on the kitchen counter & there was barely a hint of fish smell when I finished. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving & Christmas to throw a turkey in it!

If you’re not thrilled about standing over that deep fryer in the cold – then the Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer should be an early Christmas present to yourself. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to clean. And it makes one heck of a delicious meal.

It’s actually much, much safer using the Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer inside that using a regular deep-fryer outside. The only negative about this Masterbuilt masterpiece is you won’t be able to put as big a turkey bird in – the directions say the limit is about 14 pounds, but I think that’s a stretch (probably more like 10 or 12. That’s plenty for most, but our family holiday gatherings are pretty big – so we’ll just have to stick another bird in the oven (the women can eat that one:).

Be the star chef! The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer is a great value & will be one of the most valuable appliances in your kitchen.

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Here’s what some other customers had to say:  Come back & let us know what you think!

“I have used used several different fryers and this one is fantastic. It uses less oil and is much easier to use. I actually cooked our turkey this year by myself, no help from the spouse. Love the drain for oil. It is much easier to clean also.”

“The turkey was juicy and full of flavor so don’t be scared to buy you will not regret it I promise.”

“My husband would stand outside in the cold watching and monitoring the propane fryer every Thanksgiving, Xmas and anytime we wanted to fry a turkey. We love the turkey cooked this way but sometimes the cooking of it was a little tedious. THEN CAME THE BUTTERBALL XL TURKEY FRYER… We just used it for the first time…..LOVE IT.”

“We had no smoke….the turkey was perfectly cooked….
The cleanup was a breeze….we will be using this for other recipes…
Our experience was 5 star… we are seniors…”

“My new son-in-law was amazed. He said it was the first fried turkey that he had seen that was cooked all the way though. It only took 52 minutes. It was the hit of my dinner.”

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